Please help me confirm this


I got this job interview for customer service officer and i don't know how legit it is. company's name Immac Concept

Dear Applicant,

As a result of your application for the position of a "Customer Service ". 

You have been invited to attend an interview with the head of human resource in one of our selected branches in Lagos.

Date: Thursday 02/08/2018.

Time: 10:00am.

Address: House 5,Resource Building, Fumec Bus Stop Ogba Lagos.

NB: Ensure you come along with the hard copy of your CV. 

Best Regards

Miss Effiong


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  • @Ridwan commented 2 years ago

    This same address has been used by so many GNLD firms, don't bother wasting your time. This is not your dream job.

    • @BiggBino replied 2 years ago on this comment
      Thanks so much!