Pls how real is this? I just got this mail.


CONGRATULATIONS AFTER CV REVIEW, We were impressed by your background and you have been recommended for a JOB BRIEFING with the MANAGEMENT OF LIVE SOLUTION which has been scheduled for MONDAY 30TH April 2018 , the interview will start exactly 9:15AM VENUE; 3RD floor,CROWNET PLAZA IDRIS GIGADO STRT WUYE ABUJA ( just after FAMILY WORSHIP) Prior to the interview we will be contacting your references as given on your application form. If you have stated that you do not wish us to contact your current employer, this reference will not be taken up unless you are successful with the interview WE look forward to meeting you. REGARDS HR 001 abuja unit for more background knowledge info logon to for proper documentation and easy assess printout this mail as evidence

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  • @Ridwan commented 2 years ago
    Live solution appear to be a business development consulting firm. They have a working website and although the address information was not provided on this website, they seem to be legit.